How to Use T Posts for Cannabis Trellising

In this article, we will show you a number of ways you can trellis your cannabis plants using T Posts so they spend more resources on your harvest instead of the root system. 

Why use steel T Posts for Cannabis?

  1. They are reusable: Unlike wood that can hold water and result in mold, T posts can be sanitized and stocked for re-use.
  2. High strength to weight ratio – T Posts’ classic engineering gives you a strong structure that is also light and less likely to fail
  3. Pests can’t live inside them – Wood may be cheaper, but it won’t harbor nasty insects or organisms that will harm your plants

Horizontal Trellising

Showing T Posts being used for cannabis horizontal trellising

A horizontal trellis or SCROG is set up by hanging a screen, from T Posts, parallel to the ground plane above your plants. Once the cannabis plants get through the screen, it will help spread out the plants getting them more light, airflow, and support.

Vertical Trellising

Showing T Posts being used for cannabis vertical trellising

This is a popular method to use when you have large outdoor plants. To support this heavier and wider plant you can use a horizontal trellis by surrounding it in a welded wire fence supported by T Posts.


Showing T Posts being used for low-stress cannabis training

Another popular way to produce more yield per plant but not slowing down the growth is bending. This is achieved by manipulating the plant during it’s growth phase so it grows horizontally before it grows vertically, exposing more nodes to light that would have been shaded. 

Guide Staking

Showing 3-D diagrams of T Posts as cannabis guide stakes

The simplest way to support your plants is by staking. Staking the plants and zip-tying the stalks takes the stress off of the root system of the cannabis plant and helps them grow faster.