High Strength Steel Sign Posts

Franklin Flanged Channel Sign Posts are manufactured from high quality, high tensile rail steel and finished with a protective coating of weather resistant baked enamel paint, or galvanized by hot dipping per ASTM A123. They are designed to provide an attractive appearance and years of maintenance-free service. Special colors and finishes can be supplied for special applications.

Recommended for Warning, Regulatory and Guide Signs

With Franklin Sign Post’s great strength and rigidity, you can support the same load with a lighter weight post. And with four different sign post weights and two delineator weights available, you can select the exact post to meet each requirement, buying only the steel needed to do the job. One person can install or replace a complete post and sign assembly in minutes. No digging, drilling or concrete to mix.

High Strength Steel Sign Posts Specifications

Posts are produced from standard “T” rails weighing 91 lbs/yd or more according to ASTM A499-81, Grade 60.

Base posts and sign posts are finished with either a baked enamel paint, powder coated, or galvanized per ASTM A123.

The weight of each base post before punching is 2.00 to 4.00 lbs/ft. The base post is punched with eighteen .375″ diameter holes on 1.0″ centers, except the first and fifth are .375″ X .500″ slots, with the first hole 1.0″ from the top. The base post is pointed.

The weight of each sign post before punching is 2.00 to 4.00 lbs/ft. The sign post is punched with .375″ diameter holes on 1.0″ centers, full length. The first hole and last hole are 1.0″ from the end of post. Custom punching is available upon request.