Railroad Steel T Posts Available for Bulk Pricing

Franklin Industries T Post

Franklin Industries has been supplying High-Quality, American-Made T Posts Since 1901. Starting with high quality rail steel, Railroad Steel T Posts are some of the most hardest working T Posts available on the market. If it can hold up a train, it can handle your project.

T Post Attributes

  • Made from 100% high quality recycled rail steel
  • Lightweight and long-lasting
  • Easy to install, no digging required
  • Stands up to livestock
  • A good choice for rocky or hard ground
  • Can also be used for pens, sign posts, property markers, guide stakes, wine grape line posts, or home gardens
  • Smooth (non-studded) and punched (for high tensile) also available
  • Good for wire, chain link, wire mesh, silt fencing, snow fencing, and safety fencing
  • Removable for temporary use
  • Unfinished T Posts are still inherently weather resistant due to the higher quality of rail steel
Made in the USA

Technical Information

Material Detail: Posts are produced from standard “T” rails weighing 91 lbs/yd or more according to ASTM A499-15, Grade 60; or ASTM A702 (1.33 lbs/ft only).

Finish: Posts are either painted with baked enamel, hot dip galvanized per ASTM A123, or unfinished.

Studded “T” Posts: The weight of each post is 0.95, 1.25, or 1.33 lbs/ft. Studs are spaced uniformly along the length of the “T” shaped post.

Anchor Plates: Standard on 1.25 and 1.33 lbs/ft Studded
T Posts, securely swaged on the studs. Not available on 0.95 lbs/ft T Posts.

Lengths: Available in standard and special lengths.

Wire Fasteners: Five pre-formed wire fasteners are included with each painted T Post.

Bundling: Painted posts are banded in 5 piece subbundles in 200 piece master bundles, on blocking.

Franklin Industries T Post Diagram
Franklin Industries T Post Dimensions

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