Eze-Erect Steel Sign Posts

Eze-Erect Steel Sign Posts

Eze-Erect sign posts’ design permits quick and easy installations from ground level with simple tools. The base posts are readily driven into hard soils, even asphalt. The sign post is then attached with the sign already in place. Crews are quickly trained and most installations take only minutes.

Connection Strength

Eze-Erect sign posts’ connection develops the full design strength of the sign post; there is no compromise in sign supporting capability.

Full Versatility

A complete range of warning, regulatory and guide signs can be supported, from small signs on single posts to very large signs or sign clusters on multiple posts. Eze-Erect sign posts also work well for construction and temporary signing. Whatever you highway message, Eze-Erect sign posts can hold it reliably.

Low Labor Costs/High Salvage Value

When impacted, base posts, sign posts, and sign panels are often reusable. Even if damaged, sign posts can often be cut into base posts. And more importantly, because of the breakaway action, expensive sign panels, the major cost component of a sign installation are more likely to be reusable.

Widely Accepted

Hundreds of thousands of Eze-Erect sign posts are in use throughout the country. Try this proven system in your area and see how Eze-Erect sign posts can save you money.

Specifications for Eze-Erect Hardware

Franklin Industries’ Eze-Erect sign posts’ design permits quick and easy installations from the ground level with simple tools—a real time saver!

17.125″ long x 1.00″ wide x .375″ thick with .375″ offset. The strap is galvanized to ASTM A123.

Hex head, integral flange conforming to ASTM A354, Grade BD. Size is 5/16″ – 18 UNC x 2.0″.

5/16″ – 18 UNC hex head, integral flange conforming to ASTM A563, Grade DH.

3/8″ heavy duty external type.

Instructions for Eze-Erect Installation

  1. A-Drive base post to within 12 In. of ground level.
    B- Attach retainer-spacer strap with one bolt, nut, and lockwasher through bottom hole of strap and sixth hole of base post. Top hole of strap should line up with the top hole in base post.
    C- Rotate strap 90 degrees to left
  2. A-Drive base post to 4 In. above ground.
    B- Rotate strap to vertical position
  3. A- Attach sign post with two bolts, nuts, and lockwashers in bottom and fifth holes. (These correspond with small holes in strap).
    B-Insert one bolt through sign post and bottom of long slot in strap. Tighten all nuts snugly before completely tightening assembly.