About Us

Brief History

In 1901, a company called the Franklin Rolling Mill & Foundry Company was organized in Franklin, Pennsylvania. The company, now known as Franklin Industries, is a rail rerolling mill, which means that we reroll used rails from the railroad and heat them to roll a wide variety of products. Rail steel is a high quality steel due to the exacting chemical and physical specifications under which the original railroad rail was produced.

Product Integrity

A comparison of the strength of rail steel with intermediate and structural grades of carbon steel is shown on the left. The strength, toughness, and resiliency of rail steel permits designing in lighter sections, with no sacrifice in performance and durability, enabling Franklin Industries bars and shapes to provide outstanding service in many diverse applications.

While Franklin Industries incorporates the latest in rail steel technology and up-to-date Quality Control procedures in manufacturing them, the company remains committed to the “old fashioned” notion that conscientious service to the customer is of greatest importance.