After a period of extraordinary effort that brought us resurging back onto the market, we are reviving the tradition of the company picnic for the first time in a decade. We work hard here at Franklin Ind. and we wanted to give our team another chance to celebrate what matters… Family. It’s the families and heritage here in Western PA that has allowed us to stay strong for 116 years.

It all began with an announcement at the production meeting. At first, people were surprised. In fact, many were skeptical because they had never seen a Franklin Ind. company event. But, a few were inspired to make it a reality. The planning committee persisted undeterred.

Franklin Industries Family Day 2017 was held at Waldameer Water World in Erie, Pennsylvania. Three hundred of our employees, families, and friends showed up before the park opened and closed it down that Tuesday of August 8th.

We rode rides, ate good food, and had a chance to enjoy each other’s company outside of the work setting. 75 degrees all day long was a little chilly for some, but for folks like Phil Beers and his wife, not too cold to hit the world-class water slides.

Our Crane Operator, Gary Fitzgerald even commemorated the date by proposing to his now fiance. They plan to tie the knot on a yet-undetermined date.

Mike Henderson, always camera ready, caught most of these wonderful images, so take a look!

The warmth of the summer season is still present, but as we move toward the holiday season, remember what really matters… Family.